Am I too ______ to CrossFit?

Fear is a Liar.

As I traveled the USA making friends and learning CrossFit I was fortunate to enter 13 different CrossFit communities.  At each CrossFit box (facility) I found surprising things.  It was not an alpha male dominated environment.  It was warm, friendly and inviting to visit as a total stranger.  These two things among others dismissed many of my expectations of what a CrossFit community would look like and act like.  Below are some in’s and out’s from my journey through CrossFit in the USA, and will likely be found here at The Arsenal:

  • +/- 65% of the most consistent, involved and active members of CrossFit boxes are female
  • I worked out with a gentleman nearing 70 years old
  • I was on the same team for a team WOD (competition for the workout of the day as a team) who was 5’9″ roughly 270 lbs.  She did awesome, and we won
  • The average age of a WOD (Workout of the Day) ranges from 15 years old upwards of 65 years old
  • The range of skill starts at beginner (don’t workout at all and have never done CrossFit) to elite levels and everything in between
  • High fives and fist bumps were rampant, it was very difficult to not be motivated through every minute
  • Even as a stranger everyone seemed to care that I finished the workout and gave my best effort
  • Mental toughness mattered more than anything else, as CrossFit is challenging for every level of athlete
  • Respect and honor were a consistent theme at each location
  • Fun, fun and more fun
  • Family, dogs, kids, roller skates, and much more, quite literally ALL ARE WELCOME

These are gathered from my personal experiences during my travels, and may not be the same as what others have experienced.  However, The Arsenal will be a place where the best of CrossFit will be demonstrated on all levels.  Family, spirit, friends, mind, body, toughness and community to name a few of the “best of’s” that will be staples of The Arsenal.  If you are interested in learning more about our plans, or are interested in a Founding Membership, please reach out via the GET STARTED button on the right.

(I don’t know what gym that image comes from up top, but it is true.  The only thing that makes you incapable of CrossFit is fear.)

  • I’m pleased someone else sees it from my point of view, I’ve been trying to get two of my friends to try crossfit classes with me but they don’t want to try because they think it’s all body building males!

    From my own personal experiences the crossfit community is one of the nicest I’ve ever been involved with and always enjoyable.