Announcing Strength and Speed Sports Performance class

The Arsenal is proud to welcome Coach Zach Posey, ACE Group Fitness Instructor and School of Kinesiology Strength & Conditioning Instructor at BSU, to our team for our new Strength and Speed Sports Performance class (3SP).  This program is designed for athletes ages 10 – 18+ years of age who are active in sports at school.  This program is built on world class programming and tracking technology, informed by experienced coaching and tailored to accelerate every athlete toward her/his desired goals.  The first class is Monday June 12th at 3:45 PM EDT.
What will this program do for me as a young athlete?
  • Improved speed and mechanics = run faster and start quicker
  • Increasing strength and mobility = reduced risk of injury and increased durability
  • Increased energy = when others stop, I have more gas in the tank to compete
  • Increased training IQ = better understanding your body, what it needs and how to manage it throughout your sports life
  • Increased self-awareness = Ego is the enemy, so knowing how to navigate your life, in and out of sports, and make decisions that provide you the best options long term
What should parents expect?
  • Pre – post testing = programming and instruction tailored to meet the specific needs of your daughter or son
  • Competent and experienced coaching team = collective 30 years of training experience to inspire confidence
  • Mobile programming and tracking = know exactly what is being done, what needs to be done and how your athlete is being accountable to your training investment (all tracking will be accessible via our Zenplanner app on your phone)
  • Sport specific focus = knowing that your athlete is recieving training that makes sense based on the time of season and sport they are playing
  • Fun = love of sport is what drives most athletes, if training is not fun we won’t do it.  We want your athlete to be eager to get back to The Arsenal for training each day
Great, what does this cost?  When is it?
The program is priced straightforward: $125 per athlete per training month. This includes 6 total training sessions per week broken down as follows:
  • MWF 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM.  Coach Zach Posey leading dedicated sessions for the athletes
  • Saturday 10 AM – 11 AM. Group training with The Arsenal athlete community (conditioning)
  • Saturday 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM. Weightlifing instruction class
  • Sunday 1 PM – 3 PM. Open gym.  Programming may be set by Coach Zach, and is the responsibility of the athlete/parents to complete and log.
Weekend sessions are optional, but we recommend not missing any available weekday sessions.  As things come up, we will work with each athlete to ensure they are caught up appropriately.
What do we expect of athletes and parents?
  • Be on time (5 minutes early) and ready to train
  • Required gear: basic training clothes (shorts, shirt, socks), training shoes are better than ‘running sneakers,’ water bottle
  • Others first, then me philosophy.  We are here to not just create outcomes for you as an individual, but training each athlete to operate on a team
  • The coach is the coach, the athlete is the athlete.  You, the parent, are free to stay and observe any training session you wish.  However, it is important that you allow the coach to his job without added commentary
  • Parents ensure your athlete is completing an ‘off day’ accessory work that is programmed
  • If there are challenges, communicate pre or post session with your coach so we can take action and adjust whenever necessary
If you have additional questions email us with with subject line: 3SP.
There are limited spaces in this program, so sign up now and we’ll be in touch prior to our Monday June 12th start date.