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Downtown Throwdown II — updates you need

We are counting down the days until Saturday July 18th, and we have a few important announcements. We’ve changed the movements on two of the workouts: (view workouts here) Workout 2: will have weight of 115/75 instead of 135/95 Workout 3: the C2B have been changed to standard pull-ups If either of those movements or […]

Upcoming Schedule Changes at The Arsenal

New Schedule to Begin on Monday, March 9 Based on research, our member survey and our coaching staff’s analysis of needs we are adjusting our schedule. Ultimately it is meant to help us be better coaches and to provide more opportunities to develop each of you. In addition, we will be programming 7 days per week for those […]

Introducing Muncie Check-in for Charity

February 1 marks the first day we’ll be launching Muncie Check-In for Charity. This will allow you to make an impact with your Facebook check-ins at The Arsenal. Every time you check-in on Facebook for a workout, The Arsenal will donate 37 cents to a local cause. At the end of each month, a check will be delivered […]

Next Evolution in Training and Programming

The coaching staff at The Arsenal has been working hard training, researching and investing in time with some of the most talented coaches in the world. Through those experiences throughout 2014, we continued to evolve our programming as you, our athletes, continue to evolve. Your progress is the most fun and challenging part of our […]

CrossFit Total, Programming and Attendance this week

Are you ready for the CrossFit Total?  We don’t typically share what the programming is going to look like in the coming week because we are CrossFit, which means General Physical Preparedness or GPP.  This means you cannot preview workouts and cherry pick the ones that favor your strengths, or that morning’s weather forecast.  You […]

Introducing Summer Dragon Fest

Summer is almost over, and The Arsenal will be holding its third mini-competition of the year!  Here are the workouts: Workout IClean/Front Squat LadderEach partner performs a clean + 3 front squatsAthletes must progress in order of 45/65/95/115/135/155/185/205/225/245/275/295/305Workout II800m weight vest (15#) relay run (each partner completes 400m)150 Wallballs 20/14#150 RKB Swings 45/35#800m weight vest […]

Need help? Hire a Private Coach

Private coaching is an amazing and effective tool to help achieve your personal fitness goals. Your coach will work with you to identify and clarify your fitness goals, assess your movement, and design a program specifically targeted at improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths. This enables you to achieve your goals as quickly as […]