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Laura Howard on Love & CrossFit

For Laura Howard it was love at first sight. She remembers those puppy love days during her first Muncie CrossFit classes at The Arsenal. “During the on-ramp classes, we would just mess around,” she told me. No, she’s not talking about her CrossFit-coaching firefighting fiancé, Adam James; she’s talking about someone else. She’s talking about […]

The Evolution of CrossFit Coach Emily Martin

First there was Athlete Emily Martin. Then there was Intern Emily Martin. Now there is Coach Emily Martin. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a member of the Muncie CrossFit community over the past four years is seeing people change over time. People are stronger, more confident, connected, and supported. Emily Martin is […]

Shannon Dieringer CrossFits Pregnant

I pride myself on my lack of ego in the gym. I realize that sort of sounds like, “I’m awesome because I’m so humble.” But I’m not so ego-less that I’m going to let someone who is 8-months pregnant pass me. But here comes Shannon Dieringer, running like a Gazelle, a few steps behind me. […]

Sam Jones doesn’t know she’s a role model

A guy named Kelsey (me) asked a gal named Sam Jones if she wanted to be his bench press partner. During my heaviest set I struggled on the 10th and final rep. Sam, my spotter, hovered over me cheering me on. “I’m not helping,” Sam shouted. “Get it or you’re dead!” (Or at least something […]

CrossFitter Fights for Fire Fighters

Arsenal member Aaron Taylor worked 15 years as a firefighter. When I sat down to chat with him he had just worked his last day. “I just left a job that people don’t leave,” Aaron said. Firefighters can retire with full benefits after 20 years, so this was no small decision. “This is the first […]