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CrossFit helps mother set example for daughter

Charity is a virtue. In fact, theologian Thomas Aquinas (perhaps influenced by Bill and Ted) called charity, “the most excellent of the virtues.” The word charity is often synonymous with love. Charity (Voth) is a member of The Arsenal. And whether a virtue or a person, both are defined by love. What I knew about […]

Coach Jacob CrossFits for all the right reasons

Arsenal Coach Jacob Watts got engaged at a CrossFit gym in Lafayette. That fact alone would make you think that Jacob is one of those CrossFit junkies who thinks all things are possible through CrossFit. You know the type. Suffering from erectile dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, black hairy tongue (it’s a thing…don’t Google it!) or […]

Ontario employees bond through burpees

A burpee is a burpee. No matter who you are, you flop on the ground, push yourself back up, get your feet under you, and jump. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional service consultant who has worked at Ontario Systems for less than a year or an application developer who has been at […]

CrossFitter Ryan Hunter never stops grinding

  On January 1 of 2015, if you could’ve bet on who would attend the most workouts at The Arsenal for the new year, Ryan Hunter would’ve been your last pick. After all, it was his first ever CrossFit workout. But if you knew Ryan’s history of “doing the work,” you wouldn’t be surprised that […]

CrossFit helps Ball State student overcome stress

The narrative goes that a mother of three should strive to have the physical capabilities of college-aged woman. This narrative got flipped on its head when Ball State student Kylie Mennel walked into The Arsenal. “The first person I saw was Staci [Anderson], and it was crazy because she was doing a pull-up, and I […]

Megan White is a Warrior

Arsenal member Megan White met me at the Caffeinery in downtown Muncie to chat about life and CrossFit. We sat in leather sofas warmed by sunshine next to the fake fire and drank hot drinks. After our chat she planned on going to the noon workout. It was a snow day for many kids in […]