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Jane Haynes: Poster child for functional fitness

Jane Haynes loves CrossFit and Shakespeare. She loves her dogs and her grandchildren. That’s right, Jane is a grandma who CrossFits. Jane is too young to be my grandma, but I wish she were. First, I loved sitting down to chat with her about her life of fitness, purpose, contentment and writing, but also for […]

The Metamorphosis of Pam Peters

Pam Peters does Burpees in Public “Oh yeah, I looked a little foolish.” Pam filled me in on her recent visit to a resort gym in Mexico. “I’m sure people looked at me like I was crazy. There was one guy there and I asked if I could borrow his weights. I think he looked […]

Dog-loving Programmer Uses CrossFit as Therapy

This past summer at the Downtown Throwdown competition at the Arsenal, people chugged water, tore off their shirts, complained about the heat, and marveled at the man in the sports jacket. Seth Corduan stood all day in the childcare room with a computer tallying the competitors’ scores.  I guarantee you that not a single person who saw […]