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My goals are worth(less) when it comes to fitness

Metrics, empirical evidence, tracking, programming, nutrition, wieghtraining, cardio, and the list goes on regarding what formula makes fitness outcomes happen for an individual.  I’ve often pondered why the heck I am as fit as I am.  Am I really that goal focused?  The answer:  Hell no.  I don’t pay much attention to any fitness goals […]

Announcing Strength and Speed Sports Performance class

The Arsenal is proud to welcome Coach Zach Posey, ACE Group Fitness Instructor and School of Kinesiology Strength & Conditioning Instructor at BSU, to our team for our new Strength and Speed Sports Performance class (3SP).  This program is designed for athletes ages 10 – 18+ years of age who are active in sports at school.  This program is built […]

Laura Howard on Love & CrossFit

For Laura Howard it was love at first sight. She remembers those puppy love days during her first Muncie CrossFit classes at The Arsenal. “During the on-ramp classes, we would just mess around,” she told me. No, she’s not talking about her CrossFit-coaching firefighting fiancé, Adam James; she’s talking about someone else. She’s talking about […]

Runner / Bowflexer / Insane 6-Minute-Abber Christian Morgan finds CrossFit

One of the first times I worked out with Christian Morgan he ran so fast I thought he was joking. As if he were just trying to win the first round of the workout and there was no way he could run at the pace throughout. I was wrong. He is fast. Grandma & Grandpa, […]

From CropFit to CrossFit: A Farm Boy becomes a CrossFit Coach

Muncie CrossFit Coach Jacob Sprong often coaches the 5:30 AM Muncie CrossFit class at The Arsenal. He’s not a stranger to the early hours. “I lived on a farm, so I got up at 5:45 AM, dressed, and went to work real quick. We worked 6 AM to 11 PM during planting season. Those were […]

Emily Martin lifts barbell above her head

The Evolution of CrossFit Coach Emily Martin

First there was Athlete Emily Martin. Then there was Intern Emily Martin. Now there is Coach Emily Martin. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a member of the Muncie CrossFit community over the past four years is seeing people change over time. People are stronger, more confident, connected, and supported. Emily Martin is […]

I never thought I was going to be one of those weird pregnant workout people, but maybe I am. - Shannon Dieringer

Tips for CrossFitting while pregnant from Dr. Shannon Dieringer

(Note: Shannon is not a medical doctor, but she does have her PhD in adapted physical education, and she’s CrossFitted through two pregnancies, so she’s kind of an expert all the same.) It’s going to be hard “The first trimester is hard because you don’t really look pregnant, and you can’t really tell anyone you […]

Introducing the EVOLUTION Series. Do you need to attend?

“The truth is that there can be no proper training that does not educate the whole system of the man (woman).” – Edwin Checkley Why do we have the best intentions to be a better version of ourselves, yet continually fall short of our expectations?  It seems that our intentions haven’t changed, so why is […]

Strong is what matters. - Courtney Sudac

CrossFit helps Ball State Student Overcome Eating Disorders

Courtney Sudac pointed her car down the alley and when the sun splashed across the ice-crusted windshield, she couldn’t see. That wasn’t going to stop her. She didn’t want to be late for the 7AM Muncie CrossFit class at The Arsenal. “All of a sudden I hear a BANG!” Courtney told me. “I hit the […]

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