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CrossFitter Anna Marie is Still the Same Her, Just 155-pounds Lighter

Everyone has their pre-workout routines. Some stretch. Some use the facilities (why lift more weight than you have to?). Some chat with their fellow CrossFitters. But there is only one person at Muncie CrossFit who reads calmly before a workout–Anna Marie Steinbarger. I have no idea how she sits there and turns page after page […]

At first CrossFit was only to lose weight. That was almost two years ago. - Sam Jones

Sam Jones doesn’t know she’s a role model

A guy named Kelsey (me) asked a gal named Sam Jones if she wanted to be his bench press partner. During my heaviest set I struggled on the 10th and final rep. Sam, my spotter, hovered over me cheering me on. “I’m not helping,” Sam shouted. “Get it or you’re dead!” (Or at least something […]

CrossFitter Fights for Fire Fighters

Arsenal member Aaron Taylor worked 15 years as a firefighter. When I sat down to chat with him he had just worked his last day. “I just left a job that people don’t leave,” Aaron said. Firefighters can retire with full benefits after 20 years, so this was no small decision. “This is the first […]

CrossFit helps mother set example for daughter

Charity is a virtue. In fact, theologian Thomas Aquinas (perhaps influenced by Bill and Ted) called charity, “the most excellent of the virtues.” The word charity is often synonymous with love. Charity (Voth) is a member of The Arsenal. And whether a virtue or a person, both are defined by love. What I knew about […]

CrossFit Helps Marissa Dudley Face Life After High School Sports

There are two kinds of people in this world. CrossFitters who love to talk about CrossFit and non-CrossFitters who will set PRs in speedwalking and eye-rolling to avoid ever being a part of a conversation about CrossFit. If you don’t fall into the first category, I’m not sure you’d want to join Arsenal member Marissa […]

Staci Anderson: Finding perseverance through CrossFit

Arsenal member Staci Anderson fell off her horse in 2007. “We were out looking at a horse,” Staci said. “The horse was very out of shape, hadn’t had his feet trimmed.  I wanted to check out the horse for my daughter, and I made the poor thing jump.  It was uneven ground, I just fell […]

Your Body is Your Business

Repeat after me: My body is My Business. It is time to shift how you think about your health, so that you can make your body ripe for miracles. Most people believe that to be healthy you simply have to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, take your vitamins, and follow doctor’s orders. However, if […]

Coach Jacob CrossFits for all the right reasons

Arsenal Coach Jacob Watts got engaged at a CrossFit gym in Lafayette. That fact alone would make you think that Jacob is one of those CrossFit junkies who thinks all things are possible through CrossFit. You know the type. Suffering from erectile dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, black hairy tongue (it’s a thing…don’t Google it!) or […]

Ontario employees bond through burpees

Ontario employees bond through burpees

A burpee is a burpee. No matter who you are, you flop on the ground, push yourself back up, get your feet under you, and jump. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional service consultant who has worked at Ontario Systems for less than a year or an application developer who has been at […]

To Be or Not To Be, is that the question?

Taking time for yourself, taking time to be. Do you need to be doing something productive all the time or otherwise you feel like you’re wasting your time? A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with a new group of people that I had recently met. These were all professionals, most of them in […]

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