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The Arsenal has an enemy

I’ve been pondering what moves people to failure, to quitting, to making excuses and to becoming sheep rather than sheep dogs.  Looking at the performance data we have at The Arsenal, namely attendance, I found the enemy:  Resistance. “Resistance will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work.  It will perjure, fabricate, falsify; […]

You have to keep grinding - Ryan Hunter

CrossFitter Ryan Hunter never stops grinding

  On January 1 of 2015, if you could’ve bet on who would attend the most workouts at The Arsenal for the new year, Ryan Hunter would’ve been your last pick. After all, it was his first ever CrossFit workout. But if you knew Ryan’s history of “doing the work,” you wouldn’t be surprised that […]

CrossFit helps Ball State student overcome stress

The narrative goes that a mother of three should strive to have the physical capabilities of college-aged woman. This narrative got flipped on its head when Ball State student Kylie Mennel walked into The Arsenal. “The first person I saw was Staci [Anderson], and it was crazy because she was doing a pull-up, and I […]

CrossFit shows Mark Clement that you can come home again

Arsenal member Mark Clement started CrossFit because a former high school classmate, Brooke Bailey, told him he was looking a bit out of shape. Brooke was an early member of The Arsenal, and, if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, you know she’s not afraid to tell you a hard life truth. “A guy […]

Needing support? News from Dr. Iz

Tired of dieting? Drained from toxic relationships? Overwhelmed by stress at work? Fed up with nagging cravings? Want to feel great in your body? Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that’s empowering and exciting? I’m very happy to inform that I am now offering private health coaching for our Arsenal family on a range […]

CrossFit is the first thing I've done in my life that was just for me. - Megan White

Megan White is a Warrior

Arsenal member Megan White met me at the Caffeinery in downtown Muncie to chat about life and CrossFit. We sat in leather sofas warmed by sunshine next to the fake fire and drank hot drinks. After our chat she planned on going to the noon workout. It was a snow day for many kids in […]

Functional Eating: Making Wise Choices

By now you all now what functional foods are: foods that you need for a long and active life (who doesn’t want a long and active life, right?). Choosing foods that have a potentially positive effect on your health beyond basic nutrition should be everyone’s daily goal. Functional eating makes the body feel great and […]

The Twisted Tale of Libby Hobson’s Excellent CrossFit Journey

“Twelve donuts! Are you sure?” The woman behind the counter at Concannon’s said, staring at Arsenal member Libby Hobson who was 38 weeks pregnant. “Yes. Twelve.” Libby said. The woman looked at the plate she had for Libby’s donuts and said, “Is a bag okay?” I want to stop to point out a few things: […]

Digestive Health and Functional Eating

During our first workshop of the Passport to Optimal Health Program, we discussed some key concepts and facts about digestion and gut health. Here I share a recap of some of the most important things we talked about so you can have access to the information at any time, if you may need it. We […]

A Daily Holiday

What are you grateful for right now?  We recently celebrated Thanksgiving and, even though most of the real meaning of the celebration has been lost, many people still take the time that day to express what they are thankful for, fortunately. I had the opportunity to spend that day not with one but with two beautiful […]

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