The Arsenal is home to Muncie CrossFit.  Our mission is to make people stronger in mind, body and spirit through CrossFit.  Our vision is to be a community of self-confident, strong and humble people.

Our values are simple: E.G.O.

  • Ego is the enemy
  • Give your best
  • Others first, then me

If you are looking to begin your journey as a CrossFit coach, we may be right for you.  The type of coach we are looking for brings to The Arsenal team the following attributes:  Proactive, self-starter, independent problem solver, owner mindset, outgoing, proactive communicator, positive response to pressure, thinks quickly on feet, people person, competitive and compassionate.

Any candidate must also be a student at heart.  This is not just a job.  If you are looking for a job, please look elsewhere.  This is a 1 to 2 year jump start to a high impact coaching career in the world of CrossFit.  If you feel you know everything you need to know to succeed as a coach, then this is also not for you.  Our team is made up of incomplete professionals.  Each team member strives to keep learning and growing by making mistakes, getting critical feedback, honoring fellow teammates and building her/himself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally through this experience.

What else do we expect from you?

  • 5-10 hours of coaching CrossFit classes per week
  • Attain at least 1 personal training client within first 3 months, and add an additional client every month
  • Attend weekly coaches training session
  • Know the CrossFit Level I handbook inside and out, and be prepared to prove that knowledge weekly
  • Actively seek out mentoring sessions with General Manager and CEO
  • Complete facility maintenance responsibilities daily and weekly
  • Train CrossFit through Muncie CrossFit team programming
  • Complete all coaches training and mentoring assignments on time and at the specified level of quality

How are you compensated? (specific rates will be shared during first interview)

  • CrossFit class coaching is paid for 1.25 hours per 1 hour class, as we budget time to arrive early and complete facility maintenance responsibilities
  • Personal training is paid on a commission basis.  Many successful coaches will earn the majority of their income through this revenue stream
  • Unlimited membership to Muncie CrossFit
  • Education and support in developing your coaching skills and fitness business management skills
  • Investment for additional training and certifications based on performance and consistency as measured by General Manager
  • Flexible vacation policies

We welcome resumes from any candidate who can confidently fulfill the expectations we have initially laid out above.  If you are into CrossFit, and feel this could be your calling, then we want to learn more about you.  We are interviewing constantly and hiring for fit as positions are available.  Please submit your information via our ‘Contact’ form with subject line: Careers.