The CrossFit Games Open at The Arsenal — Why should I do this?

Before we (John and BJ) give you some solid rationale for why YOU (Mom, athlete, dad, son, grandma, grandpa, new, old, etc.) should compete in the CrossFit Games Open, please watch the short video below:

1. YOU earned the right to compete!

That’s right.  Even if you are in week one of your CrossFit training life, you deserve this because you’ve made a commitment to yourself.  You are a part of a global community, and this is the annual event that celebrates that reality.  This event connects you to virtually every CrossFitter around the world, and enables an even greater level of community than you experience in our  box day to day.

2.  True benchmarks of your progress

If this is your first go around at The CrossFit Games Open, then you’re going see that each of the 5 workouts released will be rigidly scored by one of the coaches at your affiliate (in your case, Muncie CrossFit).  This will be a clean, effective and true evaluation of where you are at right now with your fitness and the quality of your movements.

3.  It is for EVERYONE, even non-members of The Arsenal

We are going to invite every person who signs up for the CrossFit Games Open, to come in and get their official workout judged here at The Arsenal.  We will host 5 dedicated sessions for non-Arsenal members throughout the 5 weeks of the open.  This is a big deal because anyone who completes their workout at an affiliate does not have to submit video evidence of their score.  Otherwise, the athlete will need to take a strictly enforced video to submit as proof of their score.  If you are elite already, and are likely going to make it to the Central East CrossFit Games Regional, then you will need video evidence of each workout regardless.  However, that will be a reality for only a handful of athletes in Delaware County.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Learn more about the CrossFit Games on the official CrossFit Games website here.

2. Ask a staff member about specialized assessment and training for the 2014 CrossFit Open.

Schedule yourself for Open Workout 14.1 via this link. We will open our doors to the public on Friday, February 28th at 10am for 14.1.  Members can sign up for many more available times via our calendar!

We will be hosting a CrossFit Games Open fireside chat at The Arsenal on 1.15.2014 at 8:15 PM to answer questions and to allow everyone to sign up for the open that night.  It happens to be the first day you are able to sign up, why not celebrate it and do it together!  This will also be the time and place to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have about competing in the open or how we will conduct open workouts at The Arsenal.

This is a BIG DEAL for anyone in the CrossFit community, and we are so excited to be an affiliated host site for such a fun, challenging and global demonstration of the sport of fitness.  See you all on the 15th!