Downtown Throwdown Competition — Schedule, Heats, Critical Info

The competition is nearly upon us and we are ready to welcome a large group of competitors into The Arsenal arena in historic Downtown Muncie!  Within this note are critical event updates for anyone competing or attending so read through completely.   This note has just about everything you will need, so its long.

Cash Prize

First place teams in each division will receive a $200 cash prize and assortment of gifts from our title sponsors: Rock Tape, Kill Cliff, Scotty’s Brewhouse and Thr3e Wise Men Brewery.

Schedule of events


Divisions and Heats

Male/Female Division

Downtown Throwdown MF division


Female Division

Downtown Throwdown FF Division


Male Division

Downtown Throwdown MM division

Teams will remain in the same lane assignments throughout the first three workouts to keep things simple and consistent for all.  Finals will be reseeded based on performance.

Our Location and Weather

We are at 115 S. Walnut St. Muncie, IN 47305.  We have closed the 100 block of Walnut St. (street directly in front of our building).  You may park in any open street space on Walnut street north or south of the box, there will be no ticketing on Saturday.  There are also lots highlighted below at no cost right next to us.  Note that there is a lot of construction happening downtown, so please be careful navigating to the parking lots.  You will be within quick walking distance of your car at all times.  The legend in the bottom right shows 100 feet, there is a lot within a short walk.

Downtown MAP

As of now, it appears the weather will be sunny 91 degrees, so be prepared.  If you have a tent, bring it.  If you have a folding chair, bring it.  If you have towels, bring them.  We will have a lot of water as well as filtered water in our locker room area to fill your favorite bottle.  Be smart about taking care of yourself, it is a long day.  We will have speakers both inside and outside of the box, so if you are within a block of the box, you will hear us when we call your heat into the ‘on deck’ circle.

Food and Drink

We are blessed to have the Caveman Truck which will arrive and park in the athlete village at 11 AM.  We also have the following options within close walking distance to consider throughout the day:

Google map any of the above and you’ll be set.  We also have over 14 judges/volunteers that can help you at anytime help you with what you need.  They’ll be wearing the JUDGE shirts.

Important Final Notices

  • If you fail to arrive in time for check in, you will be unable to compete and there will be no refund of competition fees.  Just be here on time.
  • We cannot control the weather, so if it rains we will be packed inside, if its hot we will sweat together, emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for discomfort now.  🙂
  • Judges have all received equal training, however we are human and can make mistakes.  Skyler Finnerty is our head judge and will be the final word on any disputes.  He will be work with you for a fair resolution to any questions/concerns, but his call is final.
  • To keep everyone updated real time use the hashtag #ArsenalDowntownThrowdown.  We’ll be using it, so hashtag along with us.
  • Play Hard and HAVE FUN!  We are honored you chose to compete and will be doing our absolute best to create a safe, fair, fun and competitive event for each of you.

*Please direct any additional questions with subject line: Throwdown Question.