Downtown Throwdown

Get Ready to Throw Down

You know that competitions are all about showing your fitness to a box full of screaming CrossFitters.  You also know any competitor can have a great performance or choke when the podium is on the line, but luck favors the prepared.  The workouts for this year’s Throwdown are going to test the more than 75 competitors we are already expecting to the limit of their experience and the height of their performance!  There are both individual and team workouts and they will alternate throughout the day.

Downtown Throwdown

Individual Workout #1 – Hang Snatch

Competitors will have 7:00 to complete a max reps set of chest-to-bar pull ups in no more than 2 attempts. They will establish a 1RM hang snatch in the remaining time after their pull ups are completed.  Competitors will receive 2 separate scores and rankings for the chest-to-bar pullups and 1RM hang snatch.

Team Workout #1 – The Throwdown Total

Each team has 12:00 to establish a one-repetition maximum (1RM) lift in four separate lifts:

  • Full Squat Clean
  • Snatch
  • Jerk
  • Overhead Squat

Each teammate will max in only one of the lifts, but first teammates must fireman carry each other for 250 feet.  Male teammates carry each other and female teammates carry each other 250 feet each!  The timer starts ticking when teams are started for the fireman’s carry, and the score is the combined total weight of the 4 lifts.

Individual Workout #2 – Assembling Grace

A bar and two 45/25# plates will begin outside the competitors’ lifting area.  Competitors will have 10:00 to complete this workout.

Competitors start with a 15-calorie row, then bring their barbell into their lifting area.  Then they will complete another 15-calorie row before placing the first of the two plates next to the barbell.

After completing a final 15-calorie row the competitor will grab the second plate and assemble their 135/95# barbell, then perform 30 clean & jerks.

Team Workout #2 – Team Fran

Each team will have 10:00 to complete 200 thrusters and 200 pull ups.  Teammates will work in 2 pairs, men and women.

Men will perform their thrusters with a 95# barbell, and while switching between thrusters and pull ups the barbell must not touch the ground or every member of the team receives a 5 burpee penalty.

Women will perform thrusters with a 65# barbell, and the same rule concerning the 5 burpee penalty applies.

Teammates are ultimately responsible for ensuring their repetitions are complete and when all 4 teammates are on the finishing mat time will stop, and the judges will verify the reps are complete.  If the team fails to complete all 400 reps, they will receive a score totaling the number of reps completed.

Individual Workout #3 – ‘Murica

A 7:00 slugfest!  Competitors will complete as many rounds and reps a possible of the following:

  • 30 double-unders
  • 20 ‘Murican kettelbell swings weighing 45/35#
  • 10 toes-to-bar.


Team Workout #3 – The Mill

For 15:00, teams will accumulate as many reps as possible of all exercises.  Teammates will each begin performing a different exercise, then rotate among them in an order we will release at the Throwdown (a gotcha moment!).

The exercises are:

  • wall balls (20/16# to a 10′ target)
  • box jumps to a 24″/20″ box
  • double-unders
  • 250m row + one 14′ rope climb (legless for men)

Teammates will rotate each time the rowing teammate completes his or her rope climb and returns to the ground.

Individual Workout #4 – Throw Down Chipper

Complete all of the repetitions as fast as possible:

  • 20 burpee box-overs 24″/20″
  • 15 overhead squats at 95/65#
  • 30 handstand push ups
  • 15 overhead squats at 95/65#
  • 20 burpee box-overs 24″/20″

This workout has a 15:00 time cap.

The Points

Competitors and teams will be ranked based on their performance for each workout.  The final score for you or your team is equal to the sum of your workout rankings.  The competitor and team with the lowest final score will take first place in the Downtown Throwdown!

The Prizes

Everyone on the podium will receive outfittings from Reebok and discounts on Reebok merchandise, gift cards and discounts from LatitudeGearRx and Amazing Joe’s. The higher on the podium you place, the bigger the prize!

Download our event information packet to find out more about the Downtown Throwdown and Muncie.

Are you ready to throw down?