Introducing the EVOLUTION Series. Do you need to attend?

“The truth is that there can be no proper training that does not educate the whole system of the man (woman).” – Edwin Checkley

Why do we have the best intentions to be a better version of ourselves, yet continually fall short of our expectations?  It seems that our intentions haven’t changed, so why is it that taking action consistently toward that better version of ourselves is so elusive?  This truth is lived out every day by most humans, and the good news is we can solve it, right now.  

At The Arsenal, we believe you need to be fit to be useful.  Fitness is not isolated to the body only.  We are talking about comprehensive fitness which includes the mind, emotions and relationships.  This work starts upstairs, in our heads, and in our hearts.  It is the interior work of managing needs, drives and emotion amidst the competing demands of our lives.

We will be launching a new seminar series.  Dates will be selected once we have our first 10 participants signed up, so sign up today!  Be warned, it will be interactive and will not be a passive lecture.  The three-part series is called EVOLUTION, because we are readying ourselves to make real, consistent, sustainable changes to our lives. Essentially, we are evolving to a version of ourselves that we have dreamt about and have intended to become.  

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At the first session, you will be getting results from your Predictive Index® survey which will share deep insight into needs and drives that we must understand to install new habits.  This data point will serve as a consistent road map throughout the process.  Also in this session, you will be sharing, taking notes and building accountability for personal development.  

Sign up here (maximum capacity is 20 people)

Take 5-10 minutes to complete The Predictive Index here

bj headshot advisaThis is not focused on my weightlifting goals, my score in the Open or simple physical fitness.  This is focused on the whole person and my whole life.  The program is designed and led by BJ McKay, who most know as the owner of The Arsenal, but many do not know as Sr. Management Consultant with the firm ADVISA with headquarters in Carmel, Indiana.   This is a role he has served in for over 7 years, working with hundreds of leaders in industries throughout the USA and abroad.  

If you feel you are at your potential as a person and as useful, self-aware and emotionally intelligent as you can be, this session is not for you.  This is built for those who are striving to grow, to gain more self-knowledge, to build self-awareness and to take control of aspects of life that remain elusive.  This is for the hungry and the humble.  

This is for members only and the cost is $30 for the whole series.  Similar courses delivered by BJ range from $500 to over $2,500 per person.  There are only 20 spots available as the sessions will be highly interactive and we want to be sure that each person has space to share, be heard and connect.

I’ll close with this great quote from Christopher McDougall:

We’ve lulled ourselves into believing that in an emergency, someone else will always come along to rescue us.  We’ve stopped relying on our own wonderfully adaptable bodies; we’ve forgotten that we can think, climb, lead, run, throw, swim, and fight with more versatility than any other creature on the planet.

Let’s stop forgetting.


EVOLUTION Series Description:

The EVOLUTION Series built to provide deep insight into my needs, drives and sources of self-confidence.  It is made up of three seminars over the course of three weeks.  Outcomes from the series include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Insight to develop greater emotional intelligence/EQ
  • Building personalized strategies for adoption of new habits and behaviors
  • Accountability for goals and progress
  • Highly interactive sessions with equally motivated peers

This is not a lecture, it is a shared experience.  Scheduling email will go out to participants once our 10th person is signed up, expect within the next 30 days.