Introducing Youth Sport Performance Training

Coach Mark and Sports Performance Athletes

How do I know that I am receiving proper training for my sport?  What am I doing to increase strength and prevent injuries?  Am I working on the ‘right’ things in my training?  What else could I do to gain an edge in ALL of my sports?  If these questions are on your mind, or the mind of your teenage or pre-teen athlete, you should consider Sport Performance training at The Arsenal.

Sport Performance is a program designed around developing and enhancing an athlete’s ability to perform at her or his sport.  Each sport has unique skills that are required of the athlete and are coached by practicing safe dynamic functional movements starting with body weight movements and ascending to complex barbell lifts.


The format of the Arsenal Sport Performance consists of classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30 P to 5:30 P with training specific to each athlete for $60 per month.  Each class begins with a warm-up followed by training through agility-based sets; next we engage in a slow rep strength lift and finally end with a metabolic conditioning (cardio) workout.  Each session is programmed with a base lift that will be altered to fit each athlete’s need for his or her sport. For an example an athlete who is required to be on their hands more such as a wrestler or gymnast will have more hand agility focused training when compared to a dancer whose training will be focused on footwork.

Why Performance?

The main benefit of this class will be building a solid strength and mobility base and nurturing sport specific skills with safe technique. The benefits of Sport Performance include:

  • Sport specific skills
  • Game day preparation techniques
  • Safe lifting form taught EVERY session
  • Overall health and building effective training habits
  • Prevention of knee, hip, ankle, and shoulder joint injury

Game day preparation techniques will include proper mobility exercises and warm ups. Recovery techniques will help the athlete fight that irritating soreness that limits performance. Safe lifting methods will be established and practiced EVERY session to ensure optimal form.  The health benefits gained from this class include decreased muscle fatigue, a lower heart rate, more energy, and healthier sleep cycles. Along with the health benefits comes in the decreased risk for knee injuries. Knee injuries continue to rise in teenagers with A.C.L.s’ (anterior cruciate ligament) being the sole contributor. This class incorporates bodyweight movements that directly build strength to prevent these types of injuries from happening.

If interested in joining in and reaping the benefits of Sport Performance you can sign up below and try a free class to invest in your future as a young athlete.