Meet Isabel Serrano, Phd. a new type of coach at The Arsenal

Isabel Serrano, Phd.

I do my best to get out of The Arsenal to learn from the best in the business when it comes to health, wellness and fitness to ensure that we are becoming the best resource we can be for our member community.  Recently, I’ve had the honor of spending time with Dr. Jane Ellery, Coordinator of Wellness Management and Assistant Professor of Wellness Management, at Ball State University.  She was able to provide me a view of the world of wellness from a broader perspective.  We discussed the importance of ‘place making’, psychological health, emotional health, financial health and an assortment of other vital areas that we often do not attribute to the term ‘wellness.’  After learning from Dr. Ellery and sharing my work, she invited me to visit with her Critical Issues masters class.  During my visit a talented young lady approached me, after I had shared what we are working to build at The Arsenal, put out her hand and said: “I want to work with you.”

That was how I met Isabel Serrano, Phd.  As of this month she has joined our team as our Engagement Manager and Certified Holistic Health Coach.  Her role will be to provide deeper knowledge, insight and action in areas that our current coaching staff does not focus.  Here are a sample of areas Isabel will be leading for us:  

  • Food & nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Weight loss
  • Self image/Self esteem
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness practice

She will be engaging our community with these critical elements of health, wellness and fitness through 1:1 coaching, group training/seminar, writing (blog) and in managing events.  If you see her at the box, please take a few moments to introduce yourself and share a bit of your story.  You’ll find quickly that she brings a different vibe than our current coaching staff, one that the staff agrees we can use more of.

To learn what you can gain from Isabel, best to start with her first official blog post for The Arsenal: Food for Thought.

Then, keep your eye out for her first official class (hint: it will be on food and energy).

We are honored to have Isabel on our staff and hope you will soon experience the value of her insight as I have.  Isabel, Welcome to The A Team!

  • scorduan

    Looks like a great addition!

    • Isabel Serrano

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to sharing some bits of wisdom with all the members and the team.