The Arsenal Open Assessment & Tailored Programming Suite

2014 is a year of investment in the level of coaching and programming for our members at The Arsenal and  As part of that investment Coach John, Adam and BJ invested two days at the OPT Athlete Camp to build our suite of elite programming for all level of athlete at our box.  The results will be realized by all of our members at our daily workouts (WoDs) in general.  The bigger news is that  we will have a new level of tailored programming that is assessment/data based as well as affordable to our members.  Listen below to what this Arsenal Open Assessment and Tailored Programming suite and learn if it is for you:

Buy the Assessment battery and 8 weeks of Tailored Programming:  $120

Buy the Assessment only:  $20

Per our conversation above, the 2 day assessment battery is $20 and will provide each athlete actionable data on her/his abilities in critical areas of overall fitness.  8 weeks of programming will be tailored from that data as well as coaching throughout that period for $100.  For those members considering personal training/private coaching, this option will give you that next step in coaching/assessment that we are unable to deliver within a 1 hour daily WOD.  Personal training and private coaching can run $60 per session upwards of $700 per month, and for The Arsenal members we are offering this suite to bring the results we know will come for a manageable investment.

There will be limited space due to the more time intensive work provided by your coaches, so act quickly.  The first day of Assessment is Monday January 20th and can be registered for via our schedule.  You’ll see two opportunities throughout the day to make this happen:

Register for Monday January 20th Assessments.  The available times are 6 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM.  If you cannot make any of those sessions, please reach out to us via “CONTACT” and include “assessment” in your note to us, and we will schedule you separately.

Below are two documents that provide further background on the assessment and tailored programming suite.

2014 CrossFit Open Training Overview (1)

2014 CrossFit Open Training Assessment Breakdown

We are thrilled about this evolution in our programming, and are eager to welcome our first team through this 8 week cycle leading you through the 2014 CrossFit Open!  If you have any questions please reach out to us via “CONTACT” or in person at The Arsenal.