Paying forward my gifts

I’m blessed to serve The Boys and Girls Clubs of Muncie as their Vice President on the Board of Directors.  At our recent Great Futures Luncheon (which was sold out), I was asked to deliver the final remarks, and essentially ‘the ask,’ to ensure we have the necessary funding to accomplish the ambitious goals we have for our Club Kids this year.  One of my mentors and friends Juli Metzger thought it would be useful to share the transcript of my remarks with the community at large.  So, below is what I prepared:




I am BJ McKay, Vice President of our Executive Committee.  Quick story, I grew up in Erie, PA to two terrific hard-working parents who loved me, taught me discipline and opened doors for me to walk through.  I am a white man born in middle class suburbia in the United States.  I was born about 10 feet from the finish line of success, all I could do was make decisions to mess that up.  Why I’m standing before you today is because of my parents, my upbringing and my opportunities , which were all gifts.  I’ve done much less than I’ve been given credit for in my life.  I am surrounded by mentors, teachers, coaches, friends and my parents who are all gifts, plain and simple.  I’m grateful, and I’m blessed.  I share this because I want you to think about your gifts right now, the things that maybe each of us in the room have taken for granted in our development as leaders in this community.  That is why I’m up here right now to ask you to pay forward those gifts.

What we need currently is action and awareness.  We exist to prove every kid has what it takes.  By taking the envelope in front of you and writing a check to the Club, you become the fuel that allows us to keep that promise.  You are investing in a national organization, locally run by the people you work with, go to church with, share the road with and whose kids go to school with your kids.  Have confidence that your investment is backed by our proven track record and measurable results in key performance areas of Education, Health and Character.  You advocate, along with us, for all youth and teens, providing them a platform for their voices to be heard.  You are taking tangible action today to filling the out-of-school time gap that adds up to hours and years of impact.  Your monetary investment in Boys and Girls Clubs of Muncie is REAL action.

On behalf of the board leadership, our CEO, our passionate staff and most importantly our Club Kids, I’m asking for as much financial support as you can offer to make Muncie a safer place for our Club Kids.  If you’ve walked around the building today you’ve seen what we are doing with what we have been given in the past.  Give us the opportunity to show you what we can accomplish with even more for our community.  This team is better prepared to serve this community, and our kids, moreso than any time in the 80 plus year history of the Muncie Boys and Girls Club.  Please ask us the hard questions, demand the real ROI and hold us accountable to whatever you feel is the highest standard for your investment in a strong not-for-profit partner making REAL impact in the community where we all live.

Take the next few moments to decide what level you wish to invest with us, then drop these filled out envelopes in one of the boxes when you leave.  If you choose to donate in a different way or are unable to, please fill out an envelope regardless, because by being here today you are part of this movement and we want to keep you connected and aware.  I’ll give you a few moments to fill out the envelopes and then I’ll bring us together to wrap up.  Thank you.

Studies show for the first time in history, the next generation of youth will be left with fewer opportunities than the one before.  Kids deserve better.  We have an opportunity to lift them up.  Help them reach their aspirations.  Give them a great future.

Take one more walk around before you leave because this Madison Street location, The Buley Center Club House, and our school location programming with MCS are going to look a lot different because of you.

This is the formal end of our program, but I encourage you to visit with our Club Kids, staff and board members before you leave if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you, from all of us, for joining the Boys and Girls Club movement today.  Have an amazing rest of your day.


If you did not attend and are moved to join the BGC movement, please consider a gift via our online portal.  Our gifts are meant to be paid forward.  If you pay them forward with The Club, I would be grateful.