CrossFit Total, Programming and Attendance this week

Are you ready for the CrossFit Total?  We don’t typically share what the programming is going to look like in the coming week because we are CrossFit, which means General Physical Preparedness or GPP.  This means you cannot preview workouts and cherry pick the ones that favor your strengths, or that morning’s weather forecast.  You wake up and you get your tail into the box to put in your work that has been carefully programmed to test you at whichever level of GPP you have.

This Wednesday, you will be tested with the CrossFit Total.  Read the article in the link and ready yourself mentally heading into Wednesday.  This is one of the most important days for you to get to The Arsenal all year!  Why?  This will be setting your baseline for functional strength.  We will be using this baseline for a major strength program we will be starting the following week.

Note this quote from the article for our CrossFit newbies:

If you don’t have a damn good idea of what you can do for a heavy triple, you don’t need to be doing a CrossFit Total yet.

Know thyself, and if you are not ready for these heavy lifts, use this as an opportunity to build upon your strength base.  For those who know, make it a serious point to get into the box on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week because the programming is tailored to ready you for optimal performance.  This shouldn’t be a challenge for most of you because our attendance over the past month has been better than ever!

We have some great things planned as we close out the year, and we need some serious commitment from The Arsenal athletes (you!)  Read the article and get to the box.