Muncie Crossfit at The Arsenal brings you the most experienced team of coaches in Muncie to meet your fitness lifestyle wants and needs. We strive to welcome all walks of life from new beginners to experienced athletes to our functional fitness routines that will benefit you not just now, but years to come. Wherever you are in your personal fitness journey we welcome you to call Muncie Crossfit your home while you are at school.

7 Benefits of Muncie Crossfit at The Arsenal

  1. We provide measurable and attainable goals and results.
  2. We help build confidence and inspire change.
  3. Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your ideology.
  4. Help prepare you for life endeavors and circumstances.
  5. Constantly varied programming to keep your body and mind guessing.
  6. Personalized programming to fit your needs.
  7. Accountability, support, and fun!

Why You Should Join at Muncie CrossFit

  • The first Crossfit affiliate in Muncie with the most experienced coaching staff (Meet the Team here!)
  • Intentional and personalized programming developed each week by experienced CrossFit training staff
  • Join an already strong and vibrant Ball State student community within Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal
  • 4 free private coaching sessions to get anyone new to the program comfortable with the movements
  • CrossFit Lite options that dial down every workout with modifications and a heavier dose of instruction
  • Accountability to stick to the program through our coaching staff and our dedicated members
  • Maximum flexibility with up to 7 classes to choose from daily and weekend hours
  • Web and mobile applications to track your attendance and performance every day
  • Month by Month commitment coordinated with Ball State’s academic calendar
  • Free transportation for Ball State students when using MITS

What Other Students Say

As an interested student in Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal, we find it important that you know how other student members feel about their experiences.

“To me Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal is a place for me to get away from the stress from all my schoolwork. It’s a time where I don’t have to think about anything other than lifting heavy things. It has allowed me to grow as an individual and I have not only become stronger physically, but also mentally due to finding CrossFit. The Arsenal has allowed me to expand my friendship circle especially when I am not in Muncie! I was welcomed into their loving community where the coaches and community want you to be the best you can be. You definitely feel that through the atmosphere they are able to create. Whether you are the first or last person done, someone is always cheering you on. Muncie CrossFit has truly changed me for the better by allowing me to feel more comfortable with who I am. I am more accepting of myself now than before finding Muncie CrossFit and without it I would probably be a huge ball of stress. Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal was my first CrossFit gym and it will always hold a special place in my heart.” – Kylie Mennel, BSU Graduate Student

“As a Ball State student, my time at Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal gave me the best opportunity to escape reality, get off campus, and take my mind out of the books. At this gym, locals and students come together to put in hard work, reap the benefits, and share a sense of camaraderie and fun. This gym was my home away from home for 2 years during my Master’s program and I am grateful for all the people there that my life during that short period of time.” – Brooke Fusco, Former BSU Graduate Student

“As a student with two jobs, it’s hard to find the time to go to the Rec Center and plan a workout on your own. With Muncie CrossFit, not only do I get a great preplanned workout everyday, but I also get to workout with other students and members who love to workout as much as I do without feeling judged. At The Arsenal they keep you accountable and motivated to come back the next day. It’s definitely like a family who always cares about you; not only holistically, but also personally. If you miss a few classes they will call you and make sure everything is okay and offer you help if you need it. It’s a great place and it definitely feels like home!” – Christian Morgan, BSU Student

“I chose Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal after being encouraged by another member to go to the trial classes last Summer. I always heard how difficult CrossFit workouts were and I wanted to make a positive change in my life, but was apprehensive to try something so far out of my skill level. Although I am not athletic, The Arsenal quickly became a place I looked forward to going to after class. The coaches have always pushed me to perform numerous movements I never even knew existed or thought I could do. Members of Muncie CrossFit always surprised me with showing encouragement to everyone regardless of ability. I am very fortunate to be part of such a high caliber community that continuously challenges me to be the best version of myself.” – Addison Linegar, BSU Student

“Joining the Arsenal was one of the bests decisions I made while being a student at Ball State. Not only did it help my grow physically, but more importantly it helped me grow mentally and emotionally. Crossfit has taught me to never give up, even when the weight is on your shoulders. From the stress of school to every day life situations, Crossfit taught me to always push through, no matter the circumstance. Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal is a place of warm smiles and friendly hello’s. It is a place of encouragement, excitement, endless sweat and one of the greatest support systems I’ve ever encountered. Muncie CrossFit isn’t just a place to workout, it’s a family.” – Arielle Redmon, Former BSU Student

“Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal has been able to keep my mind and body both in shape while being stressed out during Nursing school. It allows me to get away from life for a little bit and just work on myself and my health. That hour, hour and a half allows me to blow off so much steam and really help clear my mind.” – Kellsie Mace, Ivy Tech Student

“After being a collegiate swimmer at Ball State, I decided to give Muncie CrossFit at The Arsenal a shot and see what Crossfit was all about. Within a few shorts weeks that turned into a year, Muncie CrossFit turned into my second family and it was somewhere I looked forward to going to each day after getting done with class. During my short time at Muncie CrossFit I was inspired to go and attain my Level 1, which now allows me to coach at my gym in Tennessee.” – Andrew Carlson, Former BSU Student 

“I joined Muncie CrossFit because I love exercising and I knew CrossFit would be a great way to stay in shape while challenging me at the same time. I stayed at The Arsenal because not only am I in the best shape I’ve ever been in, but I get to be a part of the most amazing community of people who support and push you to be your absolute best.” – Erica Coulter, Former BSU Student

How Much Will A Membership Cost?

As a college student, we realize that with a full time schedule, studying, and budgeting, you work hard to include fitness into your lifestyle. We currently offer a Month-to-Month membership:

  • Month-to-Month: $115

How Do I Join Muncie CrossFit?

Ball State students can get an unlimited membership with a valid Ball State I.D. You can get started by following the link to sign up for a membership below:

You may also call our business phone at 765-702-9188. Business Developer/Coach Samantha Jones may also be contacted at 765-702-1666 or via email at You may also contact our General Manager/Coach Adam James via email at