Next Evolution in Training and Programming

The coaching staff at The Arsenal has been working hard training, researching and investing in time with some of the most talented coaches in the world. Through those experiences throughout 2014, we continued to evolve our programming as you, our athletes, continue to evolve. Your progress is the most fun and challenging part of our role as coaches because as you advance we continue to seek out guidance from the worlds best minds in coaching to grow along with you.

Programming: Evolved

Debuting in January, you’ll see that our programming cycle will be notably different.

The purpose behind this is the following:

  • More diverse athletes, in terms of level of fitness and goals, requires a broader blocks of training to meet everyone’s needs in our membership. There will be upwards of 2 hours plus worth of work each day that is available.  Note: our class time will still be a deliberate 60 minutes.
  • WODs and strength are going to flow together on some days, in that there will be no dedicated ‘strength’ as the work load in the WOD will make up the strength portion of the hour.
  • Given our focus on GPP (General Physical Preparedness), our workouts are intended to be constantly varied and functional; however, there are certain aspects of our programming going forward that will be intentionally targeting specific movements and muscle groups multiple times per week.

CrossFit Games Open

Much of the focus of our intermediate to advanced athletes will be toward a strong performance in the CrossFit Open coming up at the end of February.  This is the time of year that we train for and look to measure ourselves against the rest of the world.  Please consider if signing up for the CrossFit Open is right for you here.

To learn a bit more about the flavor of the event check out the video below:

We had nearly 50 athletes compete representing in 2014.  We hope to double that number in 2015, as you all have worked hard and are indeed ready to take on this challenge. We will be hosting a dedicated event the evening that each workout is released and providing athletes a first try at the workout.

The release schedule is below: (mark your calendars)

15.1: February 26 -March 2
15.2: March 5-9
15.3: March 12-16
15.4: March 19-23
15.5: March 26-30

So on the evening of February 26th, we will be watching the live feed of the workout being released, then warming up to complete the workout together. Keep your eye on our calendar for schedule updates related to this.

Other News

Other notes to be aware of coming up in February are:

  • Check in for Muncie Charities will begin.  Our first local not-for-profit will be introduced within the next few weeks. Your check-ins are going to raise money in OUR community each month, and we will be taking requests each month for worthy causes that you bring to us.
  • New class schedule.  This has been more challenging than expected given so many requests. We are going to introduce the plan next week, and then start the new schedule two weeks later so our athletes can plan accordingly. We hope this new schedule provides more opportunities for those who were pressed to get into the box each day on our current schedule.

It has already been a great start to the year, and we are as excited as ever heading into spring with you all!