Summer Dragon Fest - Arsenal Only Team Competition

Introducing Summer Dragon Fest

Summer is almost over, and The Arsenal will be holding its third mini-competition of the year!  Here are the workouts:

Workout I
Clean/Front Squat Ladder
Each partner performs a clean + 3 front squats
Athletes must progress in order of 45/65/95/115/135/155/185/205/225/245/275/295/305

Workout II
800m weight vest (15#) relay run (each partner completes 400m)
150 Wallballs 20/14#
150 RKB Swings 45/35#
800m weight vest relay run

Workout III

4 Rounds: 18 min. Time Cap

21 Deadlifts 115/85

15 Cleans

9 S2OH

– 5 Burpee penalty for every dropped bar

Only 1 partner may work at a time. Non-working partner must perform static hold of the given movement that the working partner is performing. Athletes may use 2 bars.

There will be a final, top 4 teams progress.  REGISTER NOW

Summer Dragon Fest - Arsenal Only Team Competition

Welcome to Summer Dragon Fest! Feed the beast!

Form a duo and compete with other teams of two to claim victory! The following team brackets are available:

  • 2 males
  • 2 females
  • Co-ed

The cost is $10 per person ($20 per team), and the winners (1 team from each bracket) will win free entry to all 2014 competitions at The Arsenal, t-shirt, and two cans of Kill Cliff!

Registration begins Monday, August 11, and is limited to 12 teams in each bracket. This is a members-only competition but all are welcome to attend and cheer on their favorite Arsenal Competitors!

You MUST register by Friday, August 29 to compete.

Both team members must be a member and 17 or older to participate.