Tuhey Pool

Pool Workouts: The Next Level of Awesome!

Tuhey Pool

Tuhey Pool

Partnering Up to Get Down!

This Summer we are partnering up with White River Aquatics and Tuhey Pool in Muncie to offer a series of 13 pool workouts to our members!  The workouts start this Thursday, June 5th and alternate every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the Summer.  These workouts will be at our 6, 7, 8 & 9AM sessions only so plan ahead and bring your swimsuit and goggles.

Taking it to the Next Level

Pool workouts offer a whole new level of intensity for CrossFitters.  The cardiovascular demands of swimming and the added resistance of water to ordinary movements make these workouts the mac-daddy of metabolic conditioning!  Combine the pool with dry-land exercise and you get the 1-2 punch combo that will accelerate your fitness like never before.  Make no mistake, we aren’t talking about the dog days of summer here, laying out by the pool soaking up the sun, this is hard work in the water.

Next-Level Fitness for Everyone

As always, our workouts are scalable to all fitness levels.  So don’t worry about the workouts being too hard or not being able to swim like Michael Phelps.  Bring your swimsuit and goggles and come to the pool workouts this summer!

Pool Workout dates*:

June – 5, 10, 19 & 24

July – 3, 8, 17, 22 & 31

August – 5, 14, 19 & 28

*These pool workouts are outdoors, so the weather may cause us to cancel them.  Don’t worry, we have backup workouts for every pool workout! We will meet up at The Arsenal for all Pool Workouts unless otherwise stated in the workout on the Daily WoD.