The Arsenal 101: A new class for the essentials

  • I would like to try CrossFit, but I’m nervous about getting hurt
  • I feel like there are lifts and exercises that I still don’t understand
  • Could we take more time to discuss the more complicated movements before we do them in class?
  • What are the modifications for a pull up, push up, handstand push up, etc?
  • I have a friend interested in CrossFit, but they don’t know where to start
  • What gear to do I need to CrossFit?

all the movements

These are only a few questions that will addressed during The Arsenal 101.  We are excited to re-introduce this back to the basics class which will be debuting this Sunday at 2 PM.  Then, every other Saturday at 1 PM.

What is the purpose of this class?  To introduce (or re-introduce) the correct basics for CrossFit and weightlifting for beginners and early stage athletes (those within first 2 months of CrossFit or 6 months of weightlifting).  It is a no-nonsense class focused on getting you, the athlete, answers to the important questions that will keep you safe and increase your self-confidence, competence, mobility, strength and endurance every month.

Who is this class for?  Any athlete who wants to drill the basics (dead lift, squat, clean and jerk, snatch, overhead squat, bench press, strict press, etc).  Any athlete who is new to the sport of weightlifting or CrossFit.  Any athlete still working on mobility challenges and poor lifting or gymnastics mechanics.  You NEED to attend this class if you are within your first 2 months of CrossFit or your first 6 months of weightlifting.  

Who should not attend?  Any athlete who is beyond the standards listed above, advanced or open gym athletes.

What are we doing in class? The set up is basic and will look something like this with rotating skills every other week.   We will NOT be working out, we are here to be coached and drill proper movement.  However, depending upon your level of fitness, you may indeed feel like you worked out.

Below is an example of what we will work through on the first class:

  • Introductions and overview
  • CrossFit philosophy and your personal philosophy about fitness; General Physical Skills overview
  • FAQ’s — (necessary gear, basic nutrition, recovery, keeping score)
  • How to get injured doing CrossFit (demonstrations included)
  • Your personal action plan for the next 30 days (bring a notepad/pen)
  • Practical: (You will be coached here, this is not a workout 🙂 )
    • Squat
    • Overhead Squat
    • Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk
    • The Deadlift
    • Medicine Ball Cleans
    • GHD Sit Ups

Each week we will drill the critical basics and add movements based on class interest and on the design of the workouts that will be programmed in the weeks to come.  

What should I wear/bring?  Be in workout clothes (shorts or tights, workout shoes, t shirt).  Bring a bottle for water and  paper and pen/pencil.  Most importantly, bring great questions and a ‘ready to learn’ attitude.  

Class this weekend will be coached by me, Coach McKay.  If you haven’t had a chance to work with me, I’ll be excited to train you for the first time!  This sport is a lot like learning chess if you’ve tried it.  Logically, it is not rocket science to understand the principals, however it can take a lifetime to master.  I’ve spent time in over 30 CrossFit boxes around the USA and abroad, at the United States Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs and trained track and field athletes at the NCAA Division I level.  During my coaching career one of the themes I’ve learned from the best is to never, ever, take for granted the basics.  The best in any of the arenas of sport, drill what seem like the most simple, boring and mundane skills daily.  Then, they earn gold medals on the weekend while the ‘also ran’ wonders what ‘special/unique’ drills or programming they did.

Doing the RIGHT THINGS, CONSISTENTLY, over LONG PERIODS OF TIME lead to excellence in damn near everything.  The formula works, but it is not for the those with weak spirit to endure what can feel like the worst thing in the world:  sameness.

Please share this with anybody who is interested in CrossFit or weightlifting.  This weekends class (10.18.2015) will be FREE to any drop ins.

  • Laura Sursa Crampton

    When is the next 101 class?