Well, This Might be a Little Embarrassing

I’m the head coach at The Arsenal and a former pro and semi-pro athlete, I just ended a high-speed military career and opened with BJ less than a year ago.  You might think, “This guy has it together, or at least he should…”  Admittedly I am still learning the biz and all the fun little surprises that come along with opening my first business, but at least I should have the time and ability to train like a boss!  The CrossFit Open should be just another day of training, right?  Well…..

The Embarrassing Part

I’m nervous and a little scared about the upcoming Open.  I have been dealing with the aftermath of a fairly severe injury to my sacrum a few years ago.  I have re-injured myself twice and each time it is a long road to recovery.  The most recent re-injury was about 2 months ago or a little more and I have been in and out of training for the past 2 years.  So, at this point I’m about as strong as I was in junior high and have the cardiovascular fitness of a typical bus driver.  And now, the Open…

I Choose to do it Anyway…

I decided to do the Open this year, not because I feel obligated as a coach or owner of the box, but because the Open means something.  It is my shot to see where I stack up in the world of the fittest on Earth, and in my own region and community.  I’m doing it because I need motivation to improve in the next year and because I want to be a part of something bigger than myself, even if I don’t win.  I won’t make it to Regionals but I will make it through the Open, not because it’s easy, because I choose to participate no matter how embarrassing it may be or where I end up on the leader-board.  In the end, after the Open has come and gone, I will sit with the rest of you who made the choice to join me and talk about the pains, the struggles and the victories we experienced together.

It’s Your Choice

I choose to do the Open, and I can’t wait to see you there!  Wondering why you should compete?  Read This!

To register, visit: http://games.crossfit.com/

Sign up, Bro!

Why are you signing up for The Open? Why are you not? Let’s talk about this.