Your Body is Your Business

Repeat after me: My body is My Business. It is time to shift how you think about your health, so that you can make your body ripe for miracles. Most people believe that to be healthy you simply have to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, take your vitamins, and follow doctor’s orders. However, if you look around you, many people who follow all those habits are still ill –one of those might actually be you. This tells you that there is still a missing piece of the healthcare puzzle. How do you find what’s missing? Ask yourself the following questions:

What is it that your body is trying to tell you? What are the changes you need to make in your life in order to have perfect health?

Your body is your business. Most people think their body is their doctor’s business. Nothing farther than the truth. The reality is that you know your body better than any doctor. You have more power over the outcome of your health than you may realize. The combination of positive beliefs, the support of the right health-care providers, and a proactive approach on the part of the patient can transform the body in ways that scientists are only just now starting to understand. It all starts with changing your beliefs. You are responsible for your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, which are critical when it comes to your health because they affect the physiology of your body, as scientific data prove, more profoundly than you may realize.  Every negative thought you have is poison for your body. If you’re stressed at work or in an unhappy marriage, you’re potentially harming your body. And every time you think optimistically, or feel supported by a community of people, or you get in touch with your life purpose, you’re healing your body. This is a huge part of how you can be proactive in taking back your health. However, many people experience what Martin Seligman calls ‘learned helplessness’; they feel like helpless victims of bad luck or bad genes. But in research studies this passive state has proven to harm your health, while being proactive improves your chance of cure.

What really makes the body healthy? What really predisposes us to illness?

Sure, traditionally healthy behaviors can help, but this simply isn’t enough. In order to be wholly healthy, you need to look at different aspects of your life –which may be causing a stress response in your body. The goal is to put your body in relaxation as often as possible. No matter how much you meditate, or give generously, or exercise, if you’re in a soul-sucking job or in an abusive relationship, your amygdala is going to be triggering stress responses. Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of Mind Over Medicine, created a new groundbreaking wellness model based on scientific evidence where she includes each of the aspects of your life which have been scientifically proven to affect your health, and which you need to assess because they can be triggering stress responses, so that you can learn to make choices that help you transform stress responses into relaxation responses. In order to be optimally healthy you need: (1) healthy relationships, (2) a healthy professional life, (3) time to express yourself creatively, (4) a feeling of spiritual connection, (5) a healthy sex life, (6) a healthy relationship with money, (7) a healthy environment, and (8) a healthy mind. At the very top of all these aspects is where your physical health rests. Each of the stones that make up this whole health tower is possible of triggering stress responses or relaxation responses in your body. You may not think that your relationships or your spiritual life or your financial life affect the health of your (physical) body, but the scientific literature proves that they do. The body is the physical manifestation of the sum of your life experiences. It’s the outward reflection of your precious inner life.

Your inner wisdom is your internal pilot and it answers the question: what does my body need to heal? It’s your own inner doctor. In order to be able to identify the root of what is going on you need to listen to the voice of this inner wisdom. Making healthy decisions about your life and your body requires continually coming back to the question: what is true for me? What’s true for me about my relationships? What’s true for me about my work? You can always trust your inner wisdom to get you back in touch with your life force. You know your body better than any doctor does, and following your intuition is key to fighting any illnesses.